App attack! Xbox 360 to get 43 new apps in New Year

Microsoft announced today that 2013 will be pretty App heavy with 43 new applications expected to hit the Xbox 360 in multiple global regions.

There isn’t a ton to tell as of yet, but we do have a rough outline of what we can expect to see on the 360.

Some of what the software and hardware giant announced today will be region specific, and most of it sounds pretty darned interesting. The Apps range from the more mundane, like dedicated channels for GameTrailers and Napster, to way more interesting possibilities like a Karaoke App where you actually pay as you go sing.

Tracks are streamed right to your console (the ‘game’ will offer some 8,000 songs) and will be SmartGlass compatible. You’ll pay in Microsoft Points for blocks of time with 240mspts for two hours worth of attempted melodies and 800 for a full day of ‘singing’.

It should be interesting to see where this more app-centric approach goes down with the more traditional console gaming crowd (as opposed to the iOS/Android set). There’s certainly a lot of possibilities though.

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Hmm, so I guess no more ‘Lips’ then?

Source: MCV

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