Arcade classic shooter Life Force arrives for Switch

The Nintendo Switch has another classic in its Arcade Archives series with Life Force. With a double dose of action, Konami’s shooter is out now.

Life Force of the Salamander

This one’s kind of interesting, in that you kinda/sorta get two games in the deal. Konami’s Life Force is the main attraction, but the Japanese release (called Salamander) is included as a bonus.

It’s not a straight name change or port either, as it’s actually a remixed version of the American title. It also looks like this is the actual arcade version of Life Force, which I think is a bit of a lesser known game, as compared to the NES edition that almost everyone I know played.

“LIFE FORCE” is a shooting game released by KONAMI in 1986.
The player will challenge against the aggressions from the Bacterian special force known as SALAMANDER.

This title will include ‘SALAMANDER’ which is the Japanese version of the game, and ‘LIFE FORCE’ which is rearranged as the Japanese version of “LIFE FORCE” that was released in 1987 in Japan.


Published by Hamster, Life Force is out as of today on the Switch. The game, which again is kind of two games, will run you $7.99 USD.

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