Archer & Armstrong fourth issue preview

November 7, 2012
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Behold the origin of Archer’s amazing abilities! Witness the stunning power of the Boon! Gaze upon what happens when you eat too much and use a zipline…

High in the Himalayas, Valiant’s bow-and-bottle-slinging adventurers are primed to storm the Sect’s secret citadel. Can they make it before the Nazi lamas within release the civilization-shattering power of the Boon? And when Archer’s parents suddenly attack, can anyone prepare for the revelation of the secret ally that could ensure victory for their own personal last crusade?  (Hint: they chose…poorly.)

Indiana Jones references and a Nazi… lama? Yeah, that’s a new one. Archer & Armstrong number four wraps up the first story arch from Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry’s reintroduction of the characters. It’s the goofball immortal and the kid with a knack for assassination verses Nazi’s and said kid’s evil parents.

Don’t ask, just read:

Archer & Armstrong #4 from Valiant Comics brings it’s own little bit of madness to comic shops next Wednesday, November 14th.

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