Are there multiple endings in Atomic Heart?

Featured Is There Multiple Endings In Atomic Hearts

Featured Is There Multiple Endings In Atomic Hearts

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Atomic Heart provides a myriad of obstacles coupled with exciting action sequences. The biggest question about any game is replayability, hence this is where multiple endings come into play. Does Atomic Heart have multiple endings? In this article, we’ll tackle the possible different endings you’ll get while playing through Atomic Heart.

All endings in Atomic Heart

Different Endings In Atomic Hearts

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Atomic Heart has two endings, which you can get depending on the dialogue you select before the final boss battle. The trigger dialogue is when you talk to Granny Zina as you decide if you will enter the climactic battle between Sechenov’s Twin Ballerinas and Major P-3.

We’ll discuss the two endings you’ll get in Atomic Heart, so be wary of spoilers.

“I’m not laying a finger on Sechenov” ending

Runaway Ending Atomic Hearts

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This ending is a good and light-hearted one you may find funny in a way. Imagine investing all your time into the game, and you get the easy way out by not battling the final boss. It falls in line with Far Cry 4‘s ‘Waiting for Pagan Min’ ending, in which you can literally finish the game in just 15 minutes.

In this ending, P-3 will go full-on Karen mode and rant about people manipulating and using him for their own good. He removes Char-les from his hands and scurries on into the sunset, like a cowboy after a hard day’s work. You will not fight the Twins, and you will not get answers from Sechenov, but at least you’ll live a peaceful life after, arguably for the better compared to the other ending.

“Whatever, lady … why don’t you show me what’s in that arsenal of yours?” ending

Fight The Twins Ending

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You should choose this dialogue if you want to get answers from Sechenov and fight the twins. P-3 shoots Sechenov in the stomach after implying that Sechenov is manipulating him. Sechenov reveals that Char-les has been manipulating P-3 all this time, causing him to go on a rampage after blacking out (limbo). It is also revealed in this scene that Char-les induces the dream sequences in the game, while P-3’s body kills Molotov, his team, and Dr. Larisa.

In the end of Atomic Heart, Char-les deactivates P-3 by sending out an electrical current, escapes P-3’s hand as a black polymeric goo, and immediately goes into the Red Polymer. Char-les, aka Chariton (after revealing himself to P-3), consumes Sechenov and leaves his office. We then get an epilogue of P-3 reaching out for one of the twins, which signifies an angel coming to get his soul or most likely not because his body was never found in the office, similar to Sechenov.

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