Asgardian Herald

Thor #4 features all-out brawl between Thor and Sif

Thor’s newest quest takes him into the path of one of his oldest allies, Lady Sif. Get a look at the class of heroes in this mini-preview.

Asgardian Herald

Did you know that Thor is a herald of Galactus in the newest run of the book, from writer Donny Cates and artists Nic Klein and Matt Wilson? Well, he is. Add to that that he’s also the new King of Asgard, and you have one mighty warrior.

But that’s not stopping Lady Sif from trying to stand in his way as he forges his way across the cosmos. Check out a mini-preview of the action below, as well as the cover from Oliver Coipel.

Writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein’s critically acclaimed run on THOR continues next month as the crushing weight of Thor’s new responsibilities as King of Asgard AND Herald of Galactus lead to him facing off against one of his most trusted allies, Sif. Get your first look at this intense brawl in Olivier Coipel’s cover below as well as brand-new interior pages from Nic Klein and Matt Wilson. Plus, in this issue readers will finally meet the terrifying cosmic threat that has caused Thor to embark on his latest legendary quest… That’s right, the universe-destroying Black Winter has arrived!

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Thor #4 lands on racks next week, on February 17th.

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