Ash’s Apex Legends abilities detailed in new character trailer

Ash's Apex Legends abilities detailed in new character trailer

Since it was revealed that Ash would be coming to Apex Legends in the next season, Respawn Entertainment has really kept us waiting and guessing about what her abilities will be. We got a hint of them in the recent Escape launch trailer. We were then given a little more clarity in the gameplay trailer for the new season. Only now has Respawn made it clear what the former Titanfall villain’s abilities are and how they will work in Apex Legends.

She combines Wraith’s portal with a hard lockdown ability and tracking skills.  You can check out the abilities devastating the Apex Games in the trailer below. I suspect she is going to be incredibly powerful. As was the case with Seer, she might come out a little too strong.


Ash abilities in Apex Legends

Her Passive Ability uses the Titanfall Data Knife to scan deathboxes. When she does so, the location of the surviving attackers is revealed on her map. She can also see deathboxes on her map. I wonder if this Passive will have a limited range.

Ash’s Tactical Ability is called Arc Snare, which snares and damages the first enemy who gets too close. It will be good to see how long the snares linger before deactivating. These could be devastating traps for mobile Legends.

As for her Ultimate Ability, it’s called Phase Breach and it works similarly to a Wraith portal. The difference is that Ash’s Ultimate activates instantly and ends at the location she targets when it is cast. Teammates can use the portal, too. However, it is a one-way trip. It will be excellent to help your team escape or ambush enemies.

I was really hoping Ash would be able to use her sword as an ability to damage enemies. An empowered melee attack would have been a simple Passive Ability. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. But I suspect the sword will be the inspiration for her Heirloom.

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