Assassin class guide — Weapon, ability, and passive

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Attack class guide weapon ability passive feat

The Assassin is a stealth class in Rogue Legacy 2. Most classes look to take fights and deal as much damage as possible. In contrast, the Assassin is all about picking out the right moment and striking when your enemy least expects it. This class has below-average health but a sizable Mana pool, meaning it isn’t tanky, but can get great use out of spells. The Assassin class can require some adjustments to your playstyle, but our guide on its Weapon, Ability, and Passive will help you get the most out of it as you play Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Assassin requires your castle to be at level 36. This and the Gunslinger are the first classes unlocked after you reach level 30. Assuming you have already unlocked the Duelist, the only other upgrade needed to access the Assassin is the Gym found on the far left of the Castle Upgrade tree. If required, any extra levels should be earned by spending Gold on Castle Upgrades that improve Strength and Vitality.


Rogue Legacy 2 – Assassin class guide

Dual Blades

The dual blades are short akimbo daggers that can be swung rapidly. They have one of the fastest recovery times of any weapon in Rogue Legacy 2 and deal damage in bursts of three separate hits. Landing three successive hits guarantees that the final hit will deal critical damage. Equally, Dash Attacks always deal critical damage, making it possible to combine a Dash attack into a combo to make two of the three hits critical.

Another great characteristic of the Dual Blades is that they are fantastic for recharging Mana. The regular hits provide Mana, as with all classes, but landing a full three-hit combo instantly grants 20 Mana. It’s possible to get two full combos off in around a second, making this one of the best sources of Mana restoration in the game. Since the Assassin gets access to this, it is heavily recommended to use Spells as frequently as possible.

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Dual Blades Critical Hit Third Strike class guide weapon ability passive


Obscura is the Assassin class’ talent in Rogue Legacy 2. When activated, it cloaked the Assassin for three seconds. While cloaked, movement speed is improved and you become invulnerable. You can even freely walk through enemies without taking damage. For this reason alone it is probably the best defensive talent in the game. If you ever find yourself in trouble, it is effectively a guaranteed Get Out of Jail Free card.

But Obscura does have an offensive use. Attacking an enemy while cloaked removes the cloak but also inflicts that enemy with Vulnerable. Vulnerable is a powerful debuff that causes all attacks that follow to deal critical damage for two seconds. This is especially good for dealing huge amounts of burst damage to bosses whenever an extended window to attack them opens up. The main downside to Obscura is its lengthy cooldown. Once used it goes on a 10-hit cooldown. However, its cooldown only decreases if you land a full three-hit combo with the Dual Blades. Depending on what enemies are around, this can cause it to be unavailable for extended periods.

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Obscura Talent Stealth class guide weapon ability passive

Eagle Eye

The Assassin class in Rogue Legacy 2 gets access to the Eagle Eye passive ability. Eagle Eye increases your chance of landing a Super Critical Hit by 10%. Super Critical Hits aren’t overly common for most classes, as the requirements to land them are so specific. An attack only deals Super Critical damage if both a Skill Crit and a Random Crit are triggered at the same time. The probability of this happening for most classes is fairly low.

A 10% boost to that probability isn’t that strong in its own right, but it can be very good if utilized properly. Certain runes and relics stack with this, making it both more likely to happen and more devastating when it lands. An example is the Obelisk relic that adds an additional 20% on top of the base 10%. If you roll an Assassin heir that has this relic, it will be incredibly strong.

Rogue Legacy 2 Assassin Eagle Eye Passive Ability

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