The next in the series of Street Fighter one shots from publisher Udon is almost here. Get a look at the cover and variants for Street Fighter: Menat.


Udon is doing a few of these one shot issues this year, with the next being dedicated to the Egyptian fortune teller Menat. Debuting in Street Fighter V, Menat is on the hunt for the man who killed her master. And of course, that man is M.Bison.

The biggest villain in the Street Fighter universe, Bison has left a trail of bodies across Capcom’s universe, and made more than a few enemies. It’s not exactly a shock that he’s got another.

The issue will fill in some gaps in Menat’s tale, and also serve to deliver some pretty cool variant covers. Those who follow Udon know that the publisher doesn’t exactly shy away from pumping out the variants for their books. Good thing they’re kind neat then.

STREET FIGHTER: MENAT #1 features two standard covers, illustrated by Panzer and Hanzo Steinbach, a blank sketch cover, and a retailer incentive cover by Steinbach featuring Menat’s feline “holiday” costume. Also available exclusively through is a cover featuring Menat’s fan-favorite mummy wraps “battle” costume, illustration by Rob “Robaato” Porter.

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