Astria Ascending guide: How to fast travel

Astria Ascending guide: How to fast travel

There are several locations that we can visit in Astria Ascending. Naturally, there are also a few methods to help with exploration. To be frank, you’ll kinda need the help because the dungeon map layouts are terribly confusing. In any case, here’s our Astria Ascending guide on how you can fast travel.

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Astria Ascending guide: How to fast travel

You’ll start Astria Ascending‘s campaign in the capital of Harmonia. Eventually, you’ll be allowed to fast travel to various parts of the city by pressing the select button on your gamepad. This can slightly speed things up especially if you need to go to shops or play J-Ster with other NPCs.

A bit later, you’ll also have access to the world map. Here, you’ll see all the destinations that you can fast travel to. However, there are a few limitations because you still need to discover certain areas.

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To unlock new fast travel points, you’ll have to find the Teleporter Crystals (i.e., glowing plates) in dungeons. If you open the dungeon map (“Y” on your gamepad), these are the spots with a bonfire symbol.

For the most part, you’re allowed to fast travel to a Teleporter Crystal and back to any hub that you’ve discovered. This is particularly helpful since your characters can automatically regenerate their HP in dungeons, but you’re going to need to use ethers if you want to restore your mana. If you fast travel back to a town, you can revisit item shops to stock up on consumables, too.

Lastly, take note of the Field Setting panel where you’d see a setting called “Enemies Respawn in Dungeon.” Even if this setting is disabled, the Noises that you defeat will still respawn if you leave a dungeon.

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Astria Ascending is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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