At last the Legends of Runeterra champion Aurelion Sol joins the game

At last the Legends of Runeterra champion Aurelion Sol joins the game

The Call of the Mountain expansion releases tomorrow and anticipation is at an all-time high. We have had six new champions revealed for the expansion so far, but one rumor kept circulating the fandom. It has been long expected considering this expansion deals with the region of Targon, but yesterday the reveal was finally made. The Legends of Runeterra champion Aurelion Sol will be the final champion for the new expansion. Canonically one of the strongest beings in the League of Legends universe, his arrival in Legends of Runeterra does not disappoint.

Sol is the highest cost champion in the game coming in at a whopping 10 mana, and for good reason. His stats are an impressive 10/10 with the Fury and Spellshield keywords. Built-in protection and buffs make Sol already impressive enough, but his effect is what really kicks Sol into high gear. “Play: Invoke a Celestial that costs 7 or more. Round Start: Create a random Celestial card in hand.” His level up requirement is that all of your allies on the board have a combined power of at least 20. Being able to grab one of the stronger Celestials right away is obviously great, and having access to one of the 23 every turn is just icing on the cake.

His leveled up form becomes an 11/11 and keeps the Fury and Spellshield keywords. His effect reads, “Play: Invoke a Celestial that costs 7 or more. Round Start: Create a random Celestial card in hand. Your Celestial cards cost 0.”  His effect is the same as his front side but with one HUGE exception. Celestial cards are already the most powerful in the game with some truly devastating effects. Being able to cast cards like Supernova, The Scourge, or The Great Beyond for free is absolute insanity. Now obviously RNG is still a factor, and this is still a VERY late-game strategy. But if an Aurelion Sol deck is able to stabilize and survive the early game, the results will be absolutely devastating for its opponent.

The Dragon God and his Dragon friends

We haven’t even talked about Sol’s support yet, so let’s dig into that. The Infinite Mindsplitter is an 8 drop with 8/8 and the Fury keyword. Its effect reads, “Play: Pick 2 enemies. Round Start: Stun them.” Now the stun won’t take place until the following turn, but it will trigger every round until the targets or Mindsplitter goes away. With an 8/8 body and Fury though, that is a lot easier said than done.

Inviolus Vox is a 6 drop with 5/6 and the Fury keyword. Its effects reads “When an ally with ‘Fury’ kills an enemy for the first time each round, create a random Dragon in hand.” While this card is featured with Sol, it is definitely a great support card for Dragons in general even if you don’t run Sol. Since they revolve around the Fury keyword and are very aggro based.

Sol’s Champion spell is “Aurelion Sol’s The Skies Descend.” It is a 15 mana slow speed spell that says, “Deal 15 to all enemies. Costs 2 less for each Dragon or Celestial ally you have. Shuffle a Aurelion Sol into your deck.” This is obviously an incredibly powerful card, and being a Champion spell you will only have it with Sol on the field, so the card is functionally a 13 drop right off the bat. But even one or two more Dragons or Celestials on the field can make the mana curve on this card incredibly valuable.

Legends of Runeterra champion Aurelion Sol

The stars have all aligned

The last two support cards we see for Sol are all spells. Starshaping is a 5 drop burst speed spell that says “Invoke a Celestial card that costs 7 or more, then heal an ally or your Nexus 5.” This is obviously a great card on its face for being able to grab a Celestial with a higher cost than the search card itself. But if Sol is powered up this means you can grab a 7+ cost Celestial for 5 mana to play for free. The later you are in the game, and the more cards you have on the field, the scarier this card becomes.

Lastly, the least expensive card in today’s reveals is Messenger’s Sigil. A 1 drop burst speed spell that says “Shuffle 5 ‘The Messengers’ into your deck.” The Messenger is one of the new Celestial cards. It is a 2 drop with 2/2 that says, “When I’m summoned, draw 1.” Being able to add these cards to your deck can help by giving you some extra draw power, but it also gives you access to cheaper Celestial units that can help with cards like The Skies Descend. Overall, it’s a solid card for more Celestial support.

We have finally seen the last new champion for the Call of the Mountain expansion with the Legends of Runeterra champion Aurelion Sol and his support. The expansion drops tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26. Also, please look forward to later this week when we start our new miniseries of articles going over each of the 23 Celestial cards that you can summon with the new Invoke keyword.

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