Atmospheric underwater adventure Silt releases on PC today

Atmospheric underwater adventure Silt releases on PC today

Just today, developer Spiral Circus released Silt, a puzzle-adventure game that tasks players with exploring an unsettling underwater abyss. The monochrome visuals, as well as the heavy focus on atmosphere, appear reminiscent of games like Limbo, so fans of that title may find something to enjoy here. Silt already has a fairly generous base price of $14.99 USD, but those interested can take advantage of a 10% discount that will remain in effect until June 8. Either way, players do not have to pay much at all if they wish to see what kinds of unsightly terrors await in the underwater world of Silt.

According to a press release, Silt puts players in the flippers of a diver attempting to find the ocean’s various secrets by exploring its ancient ruins and machinery. Along the way, the diver will encounter various sea creatures that they can possess through some unknown power. Through this ability, the diver can take advantage of the unique skills of each sea creature to solve the ocean’s puzzles. These sea creatures include “deep-sea goliaths” that “awaken a long-dormant force at the centre of the abyss.”


Words from the creators

Dom Clarke, one of the programmers at Sprial Circus, expressed his gratitude toward the players who have decided to try out Silt so far, saying that he hopes they enjoy the engrossing single-player adventure the developers have created. Additionally, Sarah Hoeksma, the marketing director at publisher Fireshine Games, commended the work that Spiral Circus has done and hopes that Silt will “[stand] alongside the best the genre has to offer.”

As of today, Silt seems to have left players feeling mixed overall, at least judging by the user reviews on Steam. Many of these reviews cite the game’s glitches as the biggest problem holding it back, so you may want to wait for a patch before picking it up.

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