Atomic Heart: Guides and features hub

Atomic Heart: Guides and features hub

Atomic Heart Guides HubAtomic Heart is a BioShock-inspired, open-world FPS that takes place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union never fell. It’s developer Mundfish’s first-ever game and offers plenty for players to explore and find. This is our guides and features hub for Atomic Heart, which we hope will guide you on your way through Facility 3826.
Atomic Heart guides and features hub
Features and reviews

Atomic Heart review — An ambitious shooter that falls short of greatness – Our review of Mundfish’s first-ever game explores if it lives up to the hype.

General tips and tricks

How to change FOV – With the absence of a field of view slider, fans are wondering if you can change the FOV at all.
How to save your progress – There’s no save option in the menus, so how do you avoid losing everything?
How to unlock all doors – There’s a variety of different locks you’ll encounter and this is how to unlock them all.
Best abilities and glov…

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