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May 23, 2013
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Prelude to Infinity.

This June, jump on the road to the biggest comic book event of the summer with Avengers #14 – a prelude to Infinity! From the blockbuster creative team of writers Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer and artist Stefano Caselli! With the Builders light years away, all of the Origin Sites across the globe activate sending their signal across the Marvel Universe! But what do they mean? And with A.I.M.’s S7 program about to kickoff – can the Avengers tackle both threats before it’s too late?

Infinity is the event of the Summer in the Marvel U and, if you know Marvel, then you know it’s probably going to be a big one. Anything with Infinity in the title and starring Thanos as the villain pretty much has to be, after all. Avengers #14 includes all the usual stuff you’d expect from Marvel as well with AR enhancements and a free digital copy included in the purchase price.

The creative team of Hickman, Spencer & Caselli lead the Avengers into Infinity in Avengers #14- look for it on stands on June 19th.

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