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October 23, 2013
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The Avengers come home to find Thanos ruling the roost. Think it’s clobberin’ time?

This November, the Marvel Universe stands on the brink of destruction – and today, Marvel is proud to unveil your first look at Avengers #23 – a tie in to Infinity! From the blockbuster creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu – the tide is turning as the Avengers make their final stand against the Builders. But as the fight makes its way back to Earth – our heroes are met only with more destruction and ruin! Thanos, the Mad Titan stands triumphant atop the place they once called home! But to get to him, they must first dispatch his sinister lieutenants. It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for – the Avengers vs. the Black Order! Don’t miss one heart-stopping moment as Infinity races toward it’s epic conclusion in the pages of Avengers #23 this November!

Well, this is it- the title fight. The Avengers take on the Black Order and the Mad Titan himself. With the entire Infinity event having been building up to these next few issues, this is the time to buckle up and make sure you’re all caught up as to what’s happening in the biggest Marvel Comics event of the year.

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Nothing Lasts Forever- Avengers #23 arrives on stands from the creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu on November 20th.

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