Avengers vs X-Men spills into Toys R Us

Phoenix Force detected – the big AvX fan chosen minimates box set is starting to pop up in Toys R Us’ this week.

The set consists of four of the biggest key characters from the massive Marval Comics crossover event. This past Summer’s main event, AvX saw the deadly cosmic Phoenix Force return to Earth and deal some major universe changing blows to the Marvel U.

Not the least of the happenings was the conversion of the X-Men’s leader Scott Summers (Cyclops) to the dark side as he became a host for the evil entity. Scott is the only ‘bad guy’ featured in the set (though Diamond Select says you never know what might be down the line) and he’s depicted in his ‘Phoenix Five’ attire.

The rest of the characters in this very strong little box set are no slouches either though. ‘Phoenix Killer’ armor Iron Man (who has a sleeker shellhead underneath), Protector, and the Scarlett Witch are all ready to take on the possessed Cyke.

The pack is starting to leak into Toys R Us’ now and is scheduled to be up on toysrus.com in the near future.

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