AvX Minimate set’s roster finalized

The poll asking fans who they wanted to see in the set closed a while ago and now Diamond has announced the full roster for the four figure Avengers vs X-Men box set.

Not too surprisingly, Cyclops made the grade with fans. Other than the X-men’s commander turned villain, we get an awesome Phoenix-Buster Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Protector- which I personally think is a very surprising selection by the fans.

Look for the AvX box set to brawl all over Toys R Us’ shelves (it’s an exclusive) just in time for the Holidays. Oh, I should probably also mention that Diamond says that Colossus and Emma Frost (two more of the Phoenix infused X-Men) might not be a lost cause for the mini-treatment.

Phoenix Five Emma Frost and Colossus may not have made the cut this time around, but don’t count them out yet — they’ve both cheated death more than once.

Might we see a Phoenix Five (or at the very least, the remaining 4 members) box set at some point? Cross your fingers.

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