Back 4 Blood beta date and PvP reveal announced plus new monsters

Back 4 Blood beta date and PvP reveal announced plus new monsters

Turtle Rock Studios has kept us waiting long enough. Apocalypse NOW, am I right? Thankfully, the latest news for Back 4 Blood is that the beta launch date is nearly here. As in June 12. You don’t even need to mark your calendars for that one. Just sit down and stare at the screen until it goes live. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of a stretch.

The announcement came out of the Summer Games Fest 2021 showcase today hosted by Geoff Keighley. There were a lot of high-profile announcements there, but Back 4 Blood still had its moment in the spotlight. The developers showed off some more gameplay that included a look at more of the monsters waiting to tear us to pieces in Back 4 Blood, an announcement about a PvP mode, and the aforementioned beta date.


Slay to the beat

You shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a new gameplay montage with some music that makes the game look cooler. Does Back 4 Blood need to look cooler? I digress. Here’s a look at the latest brain eaters and heroes.

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It looks like there are going to be a lot of different enemy types in this game, and a bunch of them are pretty damn big. This should make for some really interesting gameplay if the level design pairs well with these big bois. It looks like there’s a heavily armored tank creature that likes to crush stuff, a big-mouthed hungry boy that probably likes to ambush players, and an ogre-like hulk of some sort. Then there’s this massive thing:

Back 4 Blood Trailer Beta Date Pvp Monsters

The upcoming PvP mode announcement is quite a surprise to be honest. For a studio that made itself famous with these types of games by focusing on the PvE experience, it almost seems unnecessary. There already appears to be a lot of content in the works. If we get a PvPvE kind of mode, that will probably be the thing to try. Stay tuned for the PvP announcement on June 12 at 5 PM ET.

The Back 4 Blood beta will available on all platforms, but there’s no news on whether it will support crossplay. Back 4 Blood will launch in full on October 12 later this year.

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