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Along with the live action movie, Disney’s Aladdin is getting a set of four adventures thanks to Dark Horse Comics. They’ll all be included in a new graphic novel.

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If you’re an Aladdin fan, you’re probably going to have a good 2019. Maybe. The recent images of Will Smith as the Genie weren’t all that promising honestly, tough there may be special effects to come that simply weren’t shown off. Hopefully.

Regardless, there’s a new Aladdin movie on the way, and now there’s a comic too. More accurately, a graphic novel.

Dark Horse Comics is prepping what will be an anthology book containing four different stories. Each one will be all-new, and not an adaptation. The first one will star none other than Aladdin himself. The second tale will have Jasmine, the third will feature Genie, and the fourth will be allow readers to “tag along on an adventure with friends Abu, Raja, and the Magic Carpet!”

Writer Corinna Bechko will be teaming with artist Pablo Vite for the graphic novel, which is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 30th. That’s about a month before the film, which opens on May 24th.

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