Baizhu and Kaveh will inject a new dose of Dendro energy in version 3.6 of Genshin Impact


The pharmacy is nearly open for business, as Baizhu stirs up some new Dendro concoctions in version 3.6 of Genshin Impact. This new character has been around for a while, making brief appearances in Liyue quests as the head of the Bubu Pharmacy. Now that Dendro is officially in the game, Baizhu can finally take a break from the stupor of pharmacy life and make an appearance on the battlefield, alongside his trusty snake Changsheng. Additionally, the world’s goofiest roommate, Kaveh, will be playable in Genshin Impact as well.

Both of these characters are Dendro characters, bumping up the total roster of the newest element to eight characters. As the head of the Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu is an expert in making medicines and stirring up trouble. Fans have been excited about Baizhu (and that midriff) for quite some time since his appearances in early Liyue quests found in the game. Hopefully, Baizhu can breathe some new life into the game as a premier Dendro character.

Baizhu and Kaveh get confirmed for Genshin Impact version 3.6

Kaveh is the next new playable character in Version 3.6 of Genshin Impact. This architect is a genius at what he does, but might lack the street smarts to impress his unimpressionable roommate, Alhaitham. Still, Kaveh will hopefully be a great asset to Dendro characters, as rumors indicate he may have a role in buffing other Dendro characters in the game. You can find information about both characters on HoYoverse’s official Twitter page.

Genshin Impact version 3.6 does not have an official release date yet, so Baizhu and Kaveh will have to wait. Meanwhile, version 3.5 of Genshin Impact looks to introduce two new characters to the game, the fiery Pyro character Dehya and the Chocobo clone Mika. Be sure to plan out your Primogems wisely for when these new characters drop over the next couple of months.

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Image by HoYoverse

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