Bandai Namco celebrates a year of Tekken 7 with free downloadables

Happy first birthday Tekken 7! To celebrate, publisher Bandai Namco has a selection of costume DLC to get your favorite character in the spirit to party. And the best part is that it’s all free.

Celebrate good times… with fighting

As downloadable content goes, this is pretty cool. While the content itself isn’t all that special, it is free of charge. And that’s neat, especially since we’re a year out from Tekken 7’s launch, and there’s really not all that much talk about the game any more.

Not that there wasn’t at the time, since Tekken 7 was a pretty great time. The fighting game was a great return for the series, and a solid capper for the Mishima story that’s run through it since it’s creation. It also included Street Fighter’s Akuma in a pretty big role, which was all kinds of cool. We liked it just fine, and gave the game an 87%.

Since it launched, the fighting title has seen a few downloadable characters added in, but nothing in a while. So this addition is somewhat unexpected, though not unwelcome.

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Available for free, as of May 31st, will be:

  • Story Mode Costume Set

    • Blood Vengeance Outfit
    • Final Battle Outfit
    • The Evil Eye
    • Vagabond
  • Aura Set
  • Female Hairstyle Set

    • Wave Ponytail
    • Bob Hairstyle
  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling Set

    • T-shirt (BULLET CLUB x Heihachi)
    • T-shirt (Kazuchika Okada x King)
    • T-shirt (Kenny Omega x Bryan)
    • Hiroshi Tanahashi x Lars costume, health gauge, panel, and plate
  • Kuma and Panda Set

    • Assorted costumes for both characters
  • Metallic Item Set (Silver)

    • Assorted silver accessory items for characters

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