Bandai Namco details Tekken 7 Season 3 DLC

A third season of downloadable content is coming to Tekken 7, with a five pack of content spread out to hit today through spring 2020.

The Iron Fist returns

Well, if you thought that was it for Tekken 7, guess again. The fighting game from Bandai Namco has just had a third season of DLC revealed, fresh from the Tekken World Tour. It’s a pretty good lot of content too, including three new fighters (two brand new) and a new stage.

As of today, you can download two of the three new characters, as well as that frame rate counter that we told you about a few weeks back. As mentioned though, you’ll be getting periodic drops through the spring. Check out the list below to see what’s on the way.

  • [DLC 11] Ganryu (Returning Playable Character) Revealed – Available for download starting on 12/10
  • [DLC 12] Leroy Smith (NEW* Playable Character) Street Date Revealed – Available for download starting on 12/10
  • [DLC 13] Frame Data Display Street Date – Available for download starting 12/10
  • [DLC 14] Fahkumram (NEW* Playable Character) Reveal – Coming Spring 2020
  • [DLC 15] New Stage – Coming Spring 2020
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Ready to step back into the fight? Tekken 7 and Season Pass 3 are both available now for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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