Bandai Namco warns against International Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III isn’t available in the US till next month, but some gamers have been able to download an ‘international’ version of the title. Publisher Bandai Namco though, warns that that’s not the best idea.

First, check out this new trailer for DSIII, titled ‘Accursed’ (’cause it’s awesome).

Now, you want to go play this one right now don’t you? What if I told you that some gamers have found a way to do just that, grabbing the international version of the game? Well hold your horses, because that might not be the greatest of ideas, especially if you’re a big time fan of the series.

Bandai Namco is saying that the international version of Dark Souls III is basically incomplete. While it is the version that western audiences will get to play next month, right now there’s no multiplayer modes (they’re inactive) and the day-one patch that the publisher has ready for the game obviously won’t hit till launch. They promise that the patch is set to “optimize” the title, so chances are there’s some stuff in there you might want, on the technical end anyway.

All that basically adds up to a big ‘don’t do it’. If you’re really looking to really enjoy all the game has to offer when it finally does arrive, then you might as well just wait the couple of weeks more. Dark Souls III lands on April 12th.

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