Barbarian hero

Conan the Barbarian… actually in the Marvel Universe proper? That’s exactly what’s happening in the pages of Avengers: No Road Home.

Barbarian hero

I’m not sure what to make of this. On the one hand, Conan interacting with Marvel superheroes is kind of cool. And on the other hand, Conan interacting with Marvel superheroes is terrible.

As any fan could tell you, Conan is a very different IP than Marvel’s universe of heroes and villains. And it’s night-and-day different than something like Star Wars.

I mean that not only story-wise, but thematically. At least, I hope it’s different. It remains to be seen how Marvel Comics will handle its new Conan license, and if the books will stay in line with previous attempts at translations. These aren’t exactly supposed to be light, superhero adventures.

In any event, this specific tale involves the Scarlet Witch heading to the Hyborian age. That begs the question of whether that fictional world is being worked into the Marvel U, or if this is supposed to be another universe. 

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Here’s the synopsis from the press release:

The all-new weekly Avengers event continues in March with an epic story from Al Ewing, Mark Waid, and Jim Zub, with art by Sean Izaakse and Paco Medina – and the famed barbarian himself is slashing his way into the Marvel Universe in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME!
It all starts when The Scarlet Witch enters the Hyborian Age, and continues when the Avengers take their fight to the Queen of the Night! And while Conan and the Avengers will fight together, the question remains…whose side is Conan really on? 

It’s an action-filled, jam-packed story that you won’t want to miss, and it all starts in AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #6 – when the Marvel Universe will be forever changed, by Crom!

Marvel Comics press release

Watch for Avengers: No Road Home #6 to hit stands in March.

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