Batman 89 coming up from Mezco

Mezco unveils what might automatically be one of the most sought after figures of 2020. Yes, a 1989 Michael Keaton Batman is coming to the One:12.

I’m Batman

Is there a more celebrated variation on Batman than director Tim Burton’s 1989 vision? Probably not. The classic design, which created a generation of Batman fans, is iconic and just plain cool looking.

Now toy-maker Mezco has revealed plans to add this unique (at the time anyway) vision of the Dark Knight to their One:12 Collective line. It’s only a tease, and one that uncovers very little of the figure, but man does it look great.

Now, NECA’s figure from a few years ago was admittedly awesome. And it had much the same level likeness to actor Michael Keaton as this one appears to. But keep in mind one of the biggest elements in the One:12 – the articulation.

The Collective is uber-posable across the boards, and that might make for the definitive version of this Batman. I say that even though the Keaton Batsuit was famously unposable in real life. But who wants that for their toy shelf?

While this is looking awesome though, it comes at a premium price. Batman 89 will run you $110 USD when it ships out this coming fall. If that does not dissuade you though, you can pre-order this figure starting tomorrow, on January 15th, 2020.

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