Battle Beasts finally arriving in stores tomorrow

January 15, 2013
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Diamond Select’s newest Minimate line Battle Beasts wages war on comic and specialty stores this week.

The Battle Beasts are some of the company’s most detailed mini-figures ever and definitely sport some ‘different’ looks than fans of the form factor might be used to. There aren’t too many snake tails and six-limbed arachnids mixed in with the usual Minimate fare after all.

This assortment of two-inch warrior animals includes four different two-packs: Vorin the Ram with Vachonus the Scorpion, Merk the Falcon with Fenruk the Tarantula, Gruntos the Walrus with Tate Reynolds and Strictus the Rattlesnake with Bliss Reynolds. The Beasts are all depicted in exclusive comic- accurate color schemes, and human characters Tate and Bliss are only available in this assortment – they each come with one of the two Dread Weapons, so don’t miss out!

Series one of the Battle Beasts Minimates come sporting exclusive paint schemes specifically made for comic and specialty stores as well as all new packaging with the art of Dan Brereton. You can find them on the shelves of your local comic shop this Wednesday.

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