Battle Beasts storming Toys R Us next month

Diamond Select has unveiled the full lineup for the Toys R Us exclusive Beasts that’ll be invading the aisles just in time for the Holidays.

The company showed off the specialty and comic shop entry’s in the line a while back, but these bad boys are TRU bound exclusively. So if you’re reading the book (by IDW), or are just into really cool and unique figures, you might want to have a peek at these.

Vorin vs. Scorpus
The heroic ram leader faces off against a notorious desert bandit — a massive scorpion who preys on all who cross his path!

Merk vs. Spidron
Vorin’s deadly falcon comrade takes on an unbeatable eight-legged gladiator! Spidron is his name, and battle is his game!

Gruntos and Scalpus
Infiltrating a warlord’s keep, the trio’s good-natured walrus powerhouse clashes with this rattlesnake gatekeeper!

Antalor vs. Nychirix
The solitary moose warrior Antalor has run afoul of one of the deadliest Beast assassins, the bat Nychirix!

These little guys will be bringing the war to Toys R Us exclusively next month, so be on the lookout.

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