Battle of the Atom rolls on with… another future X-Men team?

X-Men from the past and present have already met the X-Men from the future in Marvel Comics’ massive mutant Fall event Battle of the Atom.

“We have been waiting to reveal these images since the day we planned this event,” says Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “Who are these characters who claim to the be the X-Men of the future? And if they’re not lying, WHO ARE THE OTHER GUYS?!?!?!”

There’s such a ridiculously huge amount of stuff going on in Battle of the Atom that it’s not all that easy to keep track. Not only are there (basically) four teams of X-Men involved at this point (and all from different times), but the Phoenix Force is back again and Marvel is promising that this is one tale that’s heading for a culmination that’ll include a “game-changing conclusion that will shake the X-Men to their very core”.

I’ll say this for Marvel where it comes to the X-Men, they’re not now nor have they ever been, afraid to shake things up. The only real constant for the team has been change over the years and Battle of the Atom is all about that.

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It’s also proving quite popular with fans as parts 2 and 3 of the epic, All-New X-Men #16 and X-Men #5, will be heading back to the presses for second printings. Marvel is expecting big things out of the last two chapters, Wolverine & The X-Men #37 and X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2, as well- which should tell you a little something about the content of those two books.

If Marvel Comics is pushing big orders and expecting big sales of both volumes, then it definitely stands to reason that there’s gonna be a whole lot of shakin’ going on in their merry mutant menagerie. Get ready X-Fans, October is going to be a bumpy month.

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