Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard update has been delayed to March

Battlefield 2042's scoreboard update has been delayed to March

Battlefield 2042‘s next update has been delayed from late February to early March. Update 3.3 includes the long-awaited re-designed scoreboard that players have been eagerly anticipating. The update also brings bug fixes and other technical improvements as well. This comes after information suggested that the game’s first season was delayed until summer.

There’s no word on why DICE delayed Update 3.3 to March, but it’s fairly easy to guess. It’s safe to say that development for the game has been rough for the last couple of months. However, according to DICE, the extra time allowed by the delay will “improve the quality of [the Update]” as well as help with additional changes. In the long run, the delay may be what DICE needs to fix many of the problems plaguing the game.


What to expect in Battlefield 2042‘s next update

Update 3.3 will finally bring a fully-featured scoreboard to Battlefield 2042. It’s something that the game currently lacks, and its exclusion left many players scratching their heads. The scoreboard is something that has been in the majority of the Battlefield titles, and it’s also a staple across most multiplayer shooters. It was a bizarre decision, but its re-implementation is a good first step towards making Battlefield 2042 a better experience.

Battlefield 2042 is in a very rough position at the moment. It’s dealing with a lot of issues, from a dwindling player base to questionable design choices, and a heap of other smaller problems. With many of its newest features being delayed as well, things aren’t looking good for Battlefield 2042. The hope is that DICE is able to pull it back soon and make up for this rough patch.

Players will have to wait around a month before the delayed update drops for Battlefield 2042. That’s quite a while away, but hopefully, it paves the way for other improvements to come to the game soon as well. Things like voice chat, improvements to the ping system and changes to the overall gameplay loop should be able to turn things around in the game’s favor. Ultimately, though, it comes down to the player base and whether they decide to support the game once updates address the game’s issues.

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