Battlefield Hardline gets fast and furious in Hardwired Mode

One of the multiplayer modes for EA and DICE’s upcoming cops and robbers take on the Battlefield series isn’t all heists- there are car chases too. Really, really awesomely violent car chases.

Yow. Fast cars? Check. Explosions? Check. Roadblocks? Check. Armies of bad guys and good guys going head-to-head? Check. All that and a swamp boat too, Battlefield Hardline is shaping up to have a little something showcasing just about every aspect of the classic cops and robbers corner of Hollywood- only playable.

Even for someone who’s not really all that jazzed about multiplayer gaming (that’s me by the way), I have to say that looks pretty darn spectacular. Just as awesome as the action that played out too were the graphics, which look like DICE has significantly kicked them in the pants since the last demo video, though it just might be the setting that’s showing off more of what this game can do that I’m impressed by. Either way, the Hardwired multiplayer mode looks pretty freaking awesome.

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Thad Sasser, the Multiplayer Lead Designer for Hardline, actually has a whole blog post up about the mode. You can catch that here, and catch up on what’s sure to be one of the most played sections of Hardline when it hits consoles in March of 2015.

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