Battlefield V final update is live with a message from EA

Battlefield V final update is live with a message from EA

The final major patch for EA’s Battlefield V is now available. The Summer Update officially went live at 3 a.m. EST, or as we like to say: true gamer hours.

A lot of new content has arrived to the game including two new maps, nine weapons, six vehicles, five gadgets, and three types of grenades. A few of the interesting new additions to try out include the pistol flamethrower, firecracker grenade, and the British Welgun. This update clocks in at 9.75 GB on PC.

Battlefield 5 Summer Update Live Al Marj

The maps, Al Marj Encampment and Provence, are based upon two very different fronts from the war and feature up to 64-player battles. The Al Marj Encampment is set in Libya and is an infantry-only map. Al Marj supports both close-quarters action and long-range firefights. Provence is a remake, situated in the French countryside with large open fields that surround a central village. Provence also features tanks now, which are sure to turn this calm setting into a live warzone in no time.

Extensive details on map changes, bug fixes, and weapons balancing tweaks for Battlefield V can be found at the DICE forums.

Battlefield 5 Summer Update Live Provence

DICE will continue to provide minor patches for Battlefield V, but the release of the Summer Update marks the end of major support. This likely marks the shift in development focus to the next Battlefield game, which is due sometime in 2021.

The Summer Update is preceded by January’s Into the Jungle, which expanded upon the Pacific theater of the war.

Summertime sadness

DICE community manager Freeman “PartWelsh” also reiterated the company’s pledge against racial injustice. In addition to offering its full support, EA has committed $1,000,000 to organizations involved in the fight for equality. Freeman also noted that the Summer Update would not run promotions to respect the importance of current events.

“We’re otherwise encouraging that we all take notice of what’s happening in the United States, as well as other places around the world, and ask how we can all do more, as we must do more,” said Freeman.

Battlefield V for PC is currently only available on the Origin app, but that may change soon.

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