BattleTech launches tabletop companion app, kicks off Black Friday sales

BattleTech launches tabletop companion app, kicks off Black Friday sales

It’s a big weekend for tabletop gamers, as Catalyst Game Labs is launching a new BattleTech companion app and a huge Black Friday sales event.

Table Mechs

BattleTech fans, get ready to place some orders. The game has a monster of a Black Friday sale happening right now, and it’s including a good deal of both miniatures, books, and more.

But before we get into that, there’s also the app to talk about. The all-new companion app has just been launched for iOS and Android, and includes both a formation tracker and smart sheets.

You can find info about it, and some tutorial videos here. As for downloading, that you can do at the following links. Just make sure you’re on a tablet when you do it, as Catalyst says most browsers won’t be able to recognize the links.

Now, about those sales

There are a ton of items on sale today, and they include both minis and accompanying products. Even the beginner box is in on the deals, if you’re buying for someone who’s not yet into BT.

Here’s what’s up for order:


In anticipation of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days, we have restocks of the following products. We’ll be releasing the stock in increments throughout the long weekend, so if an item you want is sold out, be sure to check back!




Many of our popular ForcePacks will receive at least a small restock; most available stock is available now, but where possible we will add small additional batches through the long weekend.



Clearing out the warehouse, we’ve discovered a few copies of several classic BattleTech sourcebooks:


Volcano HexPack Tiles – see listing for details on how to purchase!

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