Bayonetta 2 chapter 3 gameplay

Bayonetta 2 chapter 3 gameplay

Bayonetta surfs it up in Paradiso, dodging pieces of buildings, and battling a giant angel swimming beneath the surface of the waves.

The level looks very beautiful, with clear blue skies and amazing looking water. All sorts of debris is hurling towards you as you’re riding the waves. This section of the game is sort like the one you encounter when fighting the cardinal virtue of prudence, you even circle down a proverbial drain later on in the level just as you would in Sapentia’s second phase. Like the boss fight against Sapientia, Bayonetta can for the most part move freely on the debris she’s riding. Occasionally, she’ll be able to jump on top of the boss and pummel him relentlessly.

We then get to see more flying action as Bayonetta jumps off the board and sprouts wings. The verse is called “Paradiso: The Gates of Paradise”. Angelic golden gates greet you in the beginning of this section, with monstrous serpent like creatures in your midst. This is definitely the Paradiso we all know and love, a deceptively calm looking paradise with powerful beasts ready to tear you apart. At the end of the battle, Bayonetta summons an infernal demon to finish the job; it mercilessly cuts the two angels into pieces.

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