Bayonetta a pre-order exclusive to Anarchy Reigns

Want to play as the stiletto wearing witch from the game of the same name? The you better pre-order.

According to MCV, Sega is going to try and give sales of the long delayed beat’em up Anarchy Reigns a kick in the pants with a pre-order exclusive. An exclusive that will arrive in the form of Bayonetta.

The fan favorite character was announced as being playable in the game a while back and has been seen in a few screenshots in recent months. In addition to Miss Hair Magic, just on case she’s not enough, Sega will also be including a pair of game modes- Mad Survival and Dogfight as bonuses as well.

Modes can definitely be passed up on, Bayonetta though… If you’re a fan, you might want to get out and pre-order, painful as it can occasionally be. Anarchy Reigns goes on sale this January for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: MCV

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