Behold the tale of Orc Attack’s Flatulent Rebellion

We’ve been following the “stinky, fart-filled” story of the Orcs in Reverb and Casual Brothers’ Orc Attack for a while now and the official story trailer has just been released- along with maybe the greatest picture from anything we’ve ever run here on BG.

Just so you know, the orcs in this game have names like Lord Poop and Friar Krap and they fart (and belch) all over their enemies and gas them into the grave. It’s utterly sophomoric, really funny and the action in the game looks pretty good too with lots of color and a Saturday morning vibe… albeit a bloody Saturday morning vibe.

In any event, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion finally unloads on Xbox Live, the PSN and the PC soon. Before we go though, I’d like to leave you with this image that popped up in the press release for the game this week.

There’s no context for this one. I have no idea who that is unleashing a flaming hand of death from his behind or what that look on his face signifies- but it’s funny.

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