Bendy and the Dark Revival to release in the middle of the month

Bendy and the Dark Revival to release in the middle of the month

Over five years after the release of Bendy and the Ink Machine, fans will finally receive a proper sequel to the game very soon. This sequel, titled Bendy and the Dark Revival, will see a release on November 15, a little less than two weeks from now. To prepare fans for this anticipated release, developer Joey Drew Studios unveiled a spooky new trailer that gives a small glimpse into the terrors you will encounter.

Bendy and the Dark Revival tasks players with controlling main protagonist Audrey as she navigates her way through the corrupted animation studio from the original game. Along the way, she will inevitably encounter various ink-coated monsters, including the mysterious Ink Demon that the trailer refrains from showing. You progress through the studio by solving puzzles, uncovering secrets, and making use of Audrey’s new powers, which she can presumably also use to deal with potential threats. Audrey will also meet a whole host of characters from the previous game, including, of course, the titular Bendy.


A few things to note

Bendy and the Dark Revival could very well improve on what its predecessor started, but keep in mind that the IP has a fair bit of controversy surrounding it. In 2019, a report suggested that Kindly Beast, the developer that Joey Drew Studios seemingly spawned off of, laid off around 50 employees without prior notice, which led to several negative reviews on Glassdoor that called out the company’s poor management.

Additionally, the gaming division of Rooster Teeth is publishing the sequel, and that company has recently seen a number of allegations levied against it for various reasons, including stingy pay, forced overtime, and toxic workplace culture. Of course, whether or not players who know about these controversies want to purchase Bendy and the Dark Revival upon its release is ultimately their own call to make.

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