Best class and gifts for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, you’re introduced to a host of new characters to meet and add to your party. One of those characters is Diamant, the crown prince of Brodia. With his unique class’ weapon proficiencies and Emblem ring in hand, he’s one of the more promising characters to use in terms of their potential within gameplay. Therefore here’s a guide on the best class and gifts for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Best class and gifts for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage

Diamant starts out with the base class of Lord. This class offers only a proficiency in swords, coming in at B at its base value. To start with this class does the job fine. At the point in the game where he becomes recruited into your party, there aren’t many sword users to pick from. Even then, Diamant is one of the better sword users in the early game.

When he reaches level 10 you can advance his class to his unique class: Successeur. Successeur is overall the best class for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage. The class offers an additional proficiency in axes, which is appreciated. Successeor grants him versatility between two different weapon types, and a stat boost. It’s the easiest way to make Diamant viable going into the endgame.

Diamant’s growth rates & class ability

Diamant’s highest growth rates specialize in health, speed and defense. This means the game wants you to build Diamant as a tank who can take damage while also dishing it out. Also, while not having the highest growth rate, his base strength is his joint highest stat at recruitment.

One of the reasons Successeur is the best class for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage is the class’ abilities. Successeur’s ability Sol allows Diamant to sometimes recover 50% of the damage dealt as HP. This means Diamant can be used as a self-sustaining damage-dealer on the frontlines. He still might need some healing though, because the chance to heal is still a chance, and it won’t activate every time he enters combat.

Best Gifts For Diamant In Fire Emblem Engage

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Best gifts for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage

The best gifts for Diamant in Fire Emblem Engage are an eclectic mix. He enjoys Training Weights, Sharp Chisel, Dried Meat, Elyos History, Utility Knife, Fancy Dagger, Spirit Gem, Philosophy Book, Fishing Bait, Bandages, Fine Quill Pen, and Muscle Balm.

Best Emblem rings for Diamant

As for the best Emblem rings for Diamant, Ike and Roy are good options. Ike decreases damage taken and buffs defenses if you feel Diamant goes down a bit too easily. Roy is essentially the same thing. His ability ‘Hold Out’ keeps Diamant alive if he has over a certain amount of health. Roy’s other ability, ‘Advance,’ is a useful skill all around. If you want Diamant dealing big damage, while taking damage well, Advance is a must, as it gives you the ability to use any weapon up to two spaces away.

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