Best Water spells — Blue Magic guide

Best Water spells — Blue Magic guide

Forspoken Best Water Spells Blue Magic Guide

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While not a store where you buy stuffed toys, Blue Magic is actually a type of skill branch in Forspoken. It becomes available after beating Tanta Prav in Chapter 8. This element gives you control of watery surroundings and freezing ice. Here’s our Forspoken best Water spells guide to help you with the ideal Blue Magic to use and upgrade during the campaign.

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Forspoken best Water spells guide – Ideal Blue Magic to use and upgrade

Before we discuss the best Water spells in Forspoken, let’s talk about the classifications of Blue Magic that you can acquire. These are subdivided into attack (LMB or hold LMB), support (RMB), surge (LMB + RMB), traversal (depends on the action), and utility (crafting menu). There are also a few special abilities that have their own activation. Lastly, please note that we won’t list down every magic ability, as we’ll simply focus on the ones that truly aided us during our playthrough.

Attack Spells

  • Bolt
    • Shoots a bolt of water that sticks around until a charged shot it used, causing it to explode.
    • This is your basic attack with LMB. It’s unbelievably weak, so you definitely need to use charged options.
  • Fan Bolt
    • Fire a spray of magical arrows in a wide horizontal line.
    • This is one of the best Water spells or Blue Magic in Forspoken. While you can only hit foes in the direction that you’re facing, you’re still guaranteed to damage a bunch of them. Moreover, if you’re only fighting a single opponent, one arrow that manages to hit still deals decent DPS.
  • Cluster Bolt
    • An arrow that breaks up in mid-air, causing projectiles that rain down from above.
    • This isn’t as good as Fan Bolt. However, it does cover a slightly wider area, which is ideal for clustered mobs that aren’t in a line.

Support Spells

  • Maelstrom
    • Summons a watery pillar that protects against ranged attacks.
    • This skill is terrible if you’re just expecting it to save you from projectiles (it also blocks your own). However, what makes it one of the best Water spells in Forspoken is that it stays on the ground for a prolonged period. Enemies that move toward it are damaged, and larger targets that are stationary/slightly floating due to their script, will get hit multiple times.
  • Inundation
    • Heightens the senses to improve the critical hit rate of spells.
    • You gain increased crit rate, which is always neat.
  • Alb
    • Dramatically reduces the damage of a single unbreakable/piercing attack.
    • You do need to get away from enemy abilities with a red flash since you can’t avoid those via basic parkour dodges. Still, if you’re in a bind, this can be of use. Just watch out if there are other mobs since they can still break your guard.
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Surge Spell

  • Cataract
    • Create a vortex that pulls in enemies; upgraded variant sends out pillars of ice if LMB and RMB are held down longer.
    • This is automatically one of the best Water spells in Forspoken since it’s the only surge ability for the element.

Traversal Spells

  • Glide
    • Lets you skim across the surface of water.
    • Frey can swim, but she’s unbearably slow. This speeds up traversal on open water, and it looks cool, too.
  • Float
    • Manipulate gravity to soften your fall.
    • This is essentially a mid-air glide, which can save you from a lot of headaches if you’re platforming across rock formations or ledges; easily one of the best Water spells or Blue Magic to acquire in Forspoken.
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Utility Spells

  • Fortify
    • Allows you to use your crafting skills to increase the amount by which a cloak or necklaces improves your defense.
    • As with other utility passives, this isn’t a priority. Still, it’s nice to have if ever you feel like getting crafting boosts.

Special Spells

  • Up and Away
    • Leap into the air while unleashing water attacks; replenishes your supply of orb projectiles; automatically switch to Prav’s magic.
    • This is activated by pressing Q + E + 3, even if Prav’s magic is the one being used. It’s okay if you want to blast enemies while floating in mid-air. Otherwise, just press the number key to switch spell kits normally.
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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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