Bethesda makes Rage 2 official, releases teaser one day before full trailer

Yes, it looks like at least one thing in the Walmart release list was real. Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic shooter Rage has returned with Rage 2. Check out the super-weird sneak peek before the full trailer drops tomorrow.

Rage returns

When that Walmart list leaked onto the web last week, the first (and only) game to get some kind of confirmation was Rage 2. Bethesda almost immediately started teasing the title, even using a screen cap of the Walmart page itself. Past that, the publisher teased that today we’d be getting an actual look at the title. I assume that means their announcement timetable was significantly pushed up by the superstore’s presumed gaff.

Now here we are on Monday the 14th however, and we’ve got a little teaser right from the company. It’s not a ton to go off of, but what is here is pretty Rage-y. It does seem though, at least at this early stage, that this sequel might be a little more “fun” than its predecessor. Maybe it’s just me, but Rage 2 seems a lot kookier than Rage was.

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That might be just because this is a pretty off the wall look at the game though, spliced in with plenty of nutty live action. We don’t get much of a lot at the actual game in here, so it could be quite different. In any event, we’ll be finding out just what Rage 2 looks like very soon. Bethesda will be releasing a full trailer tomorrow. So make sure you check back here for that.

In the meantime…

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