Bethesda says they won’t have a presser this year, digital or otherwise

On the heels of the E3 2020 cancellation, there was word that some companies would be going digital. Now we know Bethesda won’t.

Year without a Bethesda event

With the coronavirus epidemic raging, and no solid end in sight, it was a foregone conclusion that E3 would be canned. The year’s biggest event show focusing on gaming, E3 is a staple, but holding one just a few months from now seemed like it’d be a disaster in waiting.

When it was announced however, we also heard that the show’s promoters would be working with a number of attendees on digital presentations. That seemed logical as well, especially since that’s how most people get their E3 news anyway.

Here we are in April though, and you can officially scratch one name off the possible list. Publisher of Doom, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls and others, Bethesda says that they won’t be a part of E3 in any form this year. That includes holding a “digital showcase” event.

Reported by, the news came from VP of marketing and communications Pete Hines’ twitter feed.

In his statement, Hines said:

As also points out, there are no “concrete” launch dates of any upcoming Bethesda stuff right now. If that remains the case, then Doom Eternal looks like it might continue to be the company’s flagship game through the end of this year.

Also worth noting here, is that the company’s big yearly celebration called QuakeCon has also been cancelled. Though with that cancellation, Bethesda does hint that there might be something online that fans can check out.


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