BG’s Game of the Month for February is Darksiders Genesis

For the second time in a few months, Darksiders Genesis grabs our Game of the Month honors. Is it worth it, or does it just keep getting lucky?

On the dark side, again

Yes, it’s Darksiders Genesis again, the time the multiplatform release. Though as I mentioned above, there’s some interesting tertiary elements that have lent themselves to both wins. Well, one element really – that being that there was incredibly weak competition up against it.

If you missed the previous vote, Genesis won in December for the PC and Stadia. It was up against a few other titles like Gunslinger (Switch) and Mechwarrior 5, but none grabbed any votes at all. And certainly none of the games that month were knockouts or easy picks for Game of the Month.

And in February? Well it was much of the same. Genesis went up against the Bayonetta/Vanquish 10th anniversary pack, Dreams, and a few others. Again, no knockouts there. Nothing that you’d immediately point to as the easy choice.

This time the Darksiders latest adventure almost lost out, but narrowly defeated Sega and Platinum’s action-packed bundle. So once again, it’s our winner. While I haven’t played this one, I do have to say that it does look pretty slick.

Darksiders Genesis is the first aRPG title in the series, and stars fan favorite Horseman War, and the gun-slinging Strife. As such, you can have two Horsemen in action at the same time. Pretty cool. It also seems to scratch that action-RPG itch nicely too.

Here’s a look at it in action:

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