BiffBangPow! beams some Star Trek onto your table

Collectible maker BiffBangPow! will be emblazoning some amazingly cool artwork from the classic Star Trek TV show on just about everything.

“For close to 50 years, the characters of the Star Trek universe have taken us where no one has gone before, and now Bif Bang Pow! will be transporting all-new collectibles into homes and offices all over the world,” said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow!

The first items to be revealed are some really excellent looking little shot-sized glasses, which you can check out (or pre-order) on mega-collectible site Entertainment Earth right now. All told, the line consists of 16 pieces, broken up into sets of four. They’re really worth a peek too, as the graphics are just so nifty.

That’s just round one though. Further down the line, BiffBangPow! (love that name) says fans can expect to see a lot more. As to what’s on the way, the company’s staying fairly mum at the moment (they’ve named ‘tins’ as a part of the future line) and says we’ll have to wait till around Toy Fair 2013 (February) to see what’s next.

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