BioShock on the way to iOS platforms later this year

Yes, that BioShock. Yes, the whole real game.

One of the greatest FPS titles of all time is on the way to Apple’s mobile platforms in all its glory. 2K Games has been teasing at something BioShock related for a little while now and it appears that that ‘something’ was indeed BioShock mobile.

What’s particularly cool about this ‘mobile port’ of BioShock is that there isn’t too much that’s particularly ‘mobile’ about it. This is the complete game in its entirety. There are touch controls since it’s an iPad/iPhone game (though you can reportedly use a gamepad as well), but other than a few graphical tweaks, that’s about the only definite difference between this version of the game and the Xbox 360/PC original. And honestly, that’s a pretty exciting prospect, even if we are talking about a game that’s several years old.

The game will be released on iOS exclusively, with no plans for an Android port, some time later this year by 2K Games.

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Source: MCV

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