BioWare teases new Anthem update overhauling Javelins’ gameplay

BioWare teases new Anthem update overhauling Javelins’ gameplay

2020 has been full of surprises both good and bad, but who would have thought we would still hear something about EA and BioWare’s seemingly abandoned game, Anthem? Following its less than ideal launch, subsequent criticisms, and an overhaul that is taking place quietly, there is finally a new Anthem update. In a new blog post, the developers shared some of the work being done in regards to the game’s Javelins suits.

This has to do with community feedback regarding the suits. Fans have shared concerns that the current Javelin builds are not satisfying enough. As such, the team wants to improve on this. In order to achieve their goals, the new Anthem update will bring changes in four different categories. As a broad overview, one of the four would focus on the choice and experimentation for players’ loadouts. All items will be categorized into one of the 11 equipment slots available. Weapons are either Primary or Secondary types, which will help differentiate them more. Components will be replaced by Mods and Artifacts, and you will be able to manage both equipment and abilities in the Loadout screen.

Visible changes

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Another tenet of the Anthem update will let players create their builds more easily. Abilities will become unlocks instead of drops. They can be powered up further with Mods. Define your builds through the synergies between Specializations, Abilities, and Equipment. Lastly, Inscriptions can improve build synergies, but they are not the primary factor. BioWare is also looking to provide players with choice and progression using Skill Trees. Javelins will level up, rewarding you with Skill Points. These can then be used to unlock Abilities, Passives, and Stat boosts. Each of the Specialization will come with its own Advanced Skill Tree.

The final pillar of the Anthem update includes expanding more on the fantasy and playstyles of the suits. Each Javelin will have access to several Specializations that is suited to different playstyles. Powerful Artifacts can be customized and wielded by every Javelin as well.

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BioWare explained further, stating that the pilot level was not a satisfying indicator of progression. This is the reason for the new skill trees. The new Artifacts system will further set players apart, so you can truly be the hero you want.

Redemption arc

Considering the nature in which the game died out, it is comforting to know that EA and BioWare have not given up. While it may take some time, a new Anthem update can interest past and new players to try the game out once more. Perhaps the companies see something in Anthem worth saving. Judging from the social media responses to the update, it all seems pretty positive so far. Although the numbers are not great, having an invested audience can go a long way.

If the Anthem update turns out to be something great, all the better. At least this time, we can say that EA tried. That is not a statement you can say often about one of the biggest companies in gaming.

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