Black Bird, Dark Quest II and more hitting Limited Run this week

A nice little selection of indie games are hitting physical games service Limited Run Games this Friday, including Black Bird and Dark Quest II.

Box ’em up

Limited Run Games remains a fan favorite of a shop. The retailer operates in conjunction with Best Buy, but does the vast majority of its business via its own online shop. These days that’s a good thing.

If you like indie games, then you might dig what they have on tap this week too. It’s a selection that includes shoot-em-up Black Bird, as well as Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey. There’s also Sea of Stars, though that one is a Kickstarter.

While all that’s great, this week also offers Dark Quest II. I had been wholly unaware of this one, but it’s worth a little extra noting since it’s apparently based on the all-time classic tabletop game called HeroQuest. Yes, that HeroQuest.

It’s not like it’s an official digital version of the game or anything, but if you’re a fan then this is definitely worth a look just for that reason. Sales will start this Friday for all of the above, though some will be of the super-limited variety.

Check out the official listing below for details on all.

  • Yoshiro Kimura’s 2018 shoot-em-up, Black Bird, is getting a physical release this Friday, April 10th! Pre-orders will be open for 4 weeks and will close on May 8th. Priced at $34.99.
  • Experience the phantom opera in wonderland with the Black Bird Collector’s Edition for the Switch, featuring a reversible poster, art-book, and original soundtrack. Pre-orders will be open for 4 weeks and will close on May 8th. Priced at $64.99. 
  • Dark Quest 2, the turn-based RPG inspired by legendary board game Hero Quest, gets a Limited Run for the PS4 this Friday, April 10th at 10am & 6pm ET! Priced at $24.99.

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