Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z trailer takes us to Vietnam

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z trailer takes us to Vietnam

Zombies fans, your time has come. After numerous multiplayer updates for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a substantial Zombies update is finally coming. Firebase Z is the first new Zombies map to arrive in Black Ops Cold War, finally adding something more beyond the base game’s Die Maschine. Better yet, Firebase Z is situated in the jungles of Vietnam.

We’ve got to say, this one already looks far more interesting than Die Maschine. Environments look more varied, there’s some crazy ass new creatures (including a giant War of the Worlds laser thing), and it looks a lot more unique than the previous map. We’ve not seen a Black Ops Zombies map set in Vietnam, and it’s about damn time.


The setup does follow on from Die Maschine though. After the events of the first map, our Operators find themselves in Vietnam under the direction of Grigori Weaver. You’ll be out there finding out all there is to know about Outpost 25, a military base set deep in the jungle. This being Black Ops Zombies, it of course links Samantha Maxis and the origins of Zombies lore.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z

The Firebase Z trailer for Black Ops Cold War also showcases some of the new gadgets we’ll be able to go hands on with. There’s a new wonder-weapon in there that appears to have two fire modes, and the Tombstone perk returns from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Oh, and there’s some massive trampoline flingy-things that launch you across the map. Cool.

A strong year ahead

We have to admit, it’s looking like a pretty big year ahead for Black Ops Cold War. The switch to a seasonal system, complete with battle passes, means all of these maps are free. That’s even more exciting when it comes to Zombies maps, which include a lot more content than your average multiplayer arena. Season Two isn’t too far off either, as it’s set to kick off on February 24.

Firebase Z will go live for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on February 4.

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