Black Ops Cold War Zombies has the viral dancing coffin meme

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has the viral dancing coffin meme

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has seen the return of zombies to the franchise. The new generation of zombies has brought new weapons, a new map, and Easter eggs. The Call of Duty community has been working tirelessly to complete the Die Maschine Easter egg. Along the way, a mini Easter egg has been discovered in Black Ops Cold War that resembles the viral dancing coffin meme in Call of Duty: Zombies.

To start the Easter egg, you have to build the Pack-A-Punch machine. First, you will have to turn on the power. The button you need to activate to turn on the power is relatively easy to find. There are glowing purple arrows on the walls showing you where to go. Follow these arrows and purchase the doors needed until you reach the Medical Bay and the Particle Accelerator room. Then, you will find the red power switch behind the final door.

While you are in the Particle Accelerator room, you will find two terminals that need to be activated. Following this, a Dark Aether portal will appear on your screen which you should use to travel to the alternative version of the map. When you arrive, you will see an outline of the Pack-A-Punch machine. Here, you can follow the glowing purple arrows on the walls again to make your way to the Aether Tunnel, and out to the Crash Site. Upon arrival you will see a glowing purple portal on the floor that you can interact with. This will transport you to a new room with a Pack-A-Punch machine part inside it. Collect the part and take it back to the Pack-A-Punch outline. Finally, rebuild the machine.

Do you see the resemblance with the original coffin dancing meme?

Finally, a series of blue orbs will spawn inside the Pack-A-Punch room. All you have to do is locate these blue orbs and shoot them. Some orbs may be quite tricky to find, luckily, prominent Call of Duty YouTuber, TheGamingRevolution has posted a video showing all the orb locations. Once you have completed this, you will automatically travel back to the Dark Aether, where you will be greeted by the dancing coffin Zombies meme for Black Ops Cold War. For your efforts, you will also receive a loot crate to help you progress in later rounds.

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