Blizzard Having A WoW Sale

Lot of WoW related goodies at special prices.

If you’ve been waiting to get into World of Warcraft, or have considered buying a pet or mount for your existing account, then you should head over to Blizzard’s store right now, where there’s discounts on all sorts of items.

The World of Warcraft Battle Chest is available for £4/€5, the Cataclysm expansion is available for £8/€10, and latest expansion Mists of Pandaria for £17/€20.  In addition, you can get all pets (excluding the new charity Cinder Kitten pet) for £4.50/€5.  The Heart of Aspects, Celestial Steed and Winged Guardian mounts are all on sale as well for £8.50 a throw.

You’ve got until January 1st 2013 to take advantage of these deals, so if any of them tempt you, you’d better snap them up quick.  The details can be found here.

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