BlizzConline 2021 will be free to watch as a big virtual celebration

BlizzConline 2021 will be free to watch as a big virtual celebration

With 2020 being a crazy year full of change and unexpected events, it is no surprise that many events have been cancelled with the threat of COVID-19 still looming large. One of those just so happens to be Blizzard’s annual celebration for its games, known as BlizzCon. When the cancellation was announced, the company did state that a replacement was in the works. Blizzard told fans to expect an online equivalent of the event, and so it came to be as a September announcement. BlizzConline 2021 will be happening February 19-20 next year. However, the big difference is that the show will be free to watch and participate in.

Previous events all required paid entry, with the exception of opening ceremonies. Interesting happenings such as panels, esports competitions, and more required fans to purchase a virtual ticket in order to enjoy the full show. The tickets were usually $40 USD each.

With 2020 being an anomaly, Blizzard will make changes for the show accordingly. President J Allen Brack shared his thoughts via a fireside chat video, and reiterated that the team wanted a big virtual celebration to replace the annual show. As such, BlizzConline 2021 will be free to watch and available for all fans to engage in.

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A spectacle awaits

What will happen at the show remains to be seen, but we can expect some big announcements from Blizzard. Although more than 95 percent of the company is working from home, the work is not stopping anytime soon. There are tentpole events such as the cosplay exhibition and competition, art and storytelling contests, a spotlight for talents, and even a parade in the form of the March of the Murlocs. Here you will see plenty of Murloc-inspired looks and costumes celebrating the little guys.

Of course, we will be expecting news for games at BlizzConline 2021. The likes of Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are still in development. Learning more will always be something fans look forward to. You can find out more about BlizzConline 2021 over at Blizzard.

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