Blood Bowl II launches pre-orders with new bone-crunching trailer

The brutal sport of Blood Bowl kicks off once again with Blood Bowl II, and you can get a pair of new races to use in the game if you pre-order.

So in all, there are 8 races to play with right off the bat, but when you pre-order Blood Bowl II you’ll get either the Wood Elves and the Lizardmen, both of which look to be pretty unique additions. And I say ‘either’ as races are split between platforms.

Pre-order the game on the PS4 and you’ll be treated to a Lizardman invasion, with Skinks, Saurus and Kroxigor players, as well as ‘heroes’ Slibli and Hemlock. Alternately, ordering up on the Xbox One will nab you the Wood Elves. That team boasts “Passers, Wardancers, Catchers, Linemen and the violent Treeman”. And you bet they’ll have a pair of star players as well with Dolfar Longstride and Jordell Freshbreeze taking the lead.

But what if you order on the PC you ask? Well, you’ll get the bonus of having your choice if you’re a PC gamer. and can pick whichever you like as you’re added team. And as a further ‘plus’ you’ll get access to the beta for the game as well, which hits in Multiplayer form a “few weeks” before the retail game actually launches.


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