Blood Bowl III opens its season this February

Blood Bowl III opens its season this February

The third Blood Bowl is about to commence, with the newest edition of the Warhammer football title set to hit consoles and the PC this February.

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Jim and Bob are back once again, for a whole new season of Blood Bowl battles. I mean football. Eh… either way.

In the fantasy world of Warhammer, diplomacy is usually left on the sidelines in exchange for a more brutal approach to solving conflicts. And Blood Bowl is no different, but it takes place in a stadium, with a ball, and the number of casualties is usually lower. Under the patronage of the god Nuffle, two teams go head-to-head on a pitch similar to an American football field and try to score more touchdowns than their opponent.

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If you somehow don’t know, Blood Bowl brings the sport of American football into the Olde World of Warhammer: Fantasy Battles. Players can assemble a team from one of the fantasy races included in the world’s lore, including “humans, orcs, dwarfs, elves and other creatures”.

Coaches then take the team to the field, actually engaging in tune-based football/combat. As you might have gathered too, Blood Bowl goes a little further than the real-world sport, allowing for almost full-on, on-field fighting.

Blood Bowl III is based on the latest version of the tabletop game to see release, and includes some of the newer additions. Among those, are “dedicated passing statistics, a range of playing fields with their own gameplay rules, coaches, multiple cheerleaders, and exciting Star Players”.

Blood Bowl III rushes its way onto Xbox and PlayStation consoles, plus the PC this coming February the 23rd.

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